The president of Al Sharq  Forum and the former director of Al Jazeera Network, Palestinian journalist Waddah Khanfar spoke in the conference “Global Politics and Being Palestinian” at Bahcesehir University. The conference was organized by Bahcesehir University Civilization Studies Center and Turkish Prime Ministry Office of Public Diplomacy.

30 Palestinian students from 8 countries met with the Palestinian community in Turkey in this conference. İlker Astarcı, advisor to the Prime Minister; Cemalettin Haşimi, the coordinator of the Office of Public Diplomacy; diplomats, bureaucrats, academicians, representatives of NGOs and the journalists took place at Bahcesehir University. The program was also published on air by TRT Arabic to the Arab World.

Conference was opened with the speech of Dr. Burhan Koroglu, the director of Civilization Studies Center. Then Waddah Khanfar started conference with the importance of the Gallipoli War for Turkish people. He stated that every Palestinian and Syrian people should have this Gallipoli spirit. He continued with the importance of Turkish support’s being strong for the Palestinians. He added that all the Palestinians in any place in the World should be an ambassador of their country for the revival of Palestine.

Regarding the solving of the problem, Waddah Khanfar said that to remove the  borders after the 1st World War and the Sykes-Picot Agreement, Palestinians must  follow an above-the- parties politics and they must strenghten their ties with their homeland. He also added that regional common political and economical projects will definitely contribute the solution.

At the end of the conference, Waddah Khanfar was given a present by Dr. Burhan Koroglu  and then the attendants were invited to the conference coctail.